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The vegetables are grown, despite the pesticide which is used to kill the pests as it has enough immunity power. If we take the same, we will get its immunity power which will help us in our positive health care. When we cook, there is a huge wastage of the purchased and eaten things which results in the wastage of immunity power, money power, production power and our precious time power as well. Hence, there will not be any sort of wastage in our human body which if we eat the vegetables in raw form as the human body utilizes everything that we eat. Hence, the vegetables should be taken in raw form which results in good health. This is the reason why people are in wrong understanding and wrong thoughts. There should be no reason for going in the wrong way. There is a proper way to consume the vegetables. Otherwise, there can be side effect only when the people consumes as per the wish without consuming it properly. For example, the consumption of the lemon peel should be there despite we take only the juice of the inside portion which is very wrong as the peel has so many positive healthy effects.

The intake of food of everyone should include 80% of the spicy nature and 20% of the acidic nature. The spicy food means uncooked food which means that the vegetables and fruits to be taken in raw form. All the cooked food includes the taste of tartness completely as we are taking the complete tart food. The tartness spoils the digestive system. Hence, the same will not be and cannot be healthy. Hence, the digestive system will be effected for those who take cooked, boiled and fried food.

The Vegetable treatment is the knowledge that resulted through penance. We thank the Supreme Almighty (the Soul Conscious Father) who has made us realized through His supreme knowledge. The Creator has been shown with different names through different identity in our earth. The Supreme Almighty has been named as Shiva in Saivism, Allah in the Muslim region and Jehovah in Christianity. He has the sole proprietary right of this Vegetable Clinic. I do not have any right or control to claim that the above sole rights belongs to me as I am just a tool. I have given you whatever I have received from Him as he has the sole right and he is the only person who knows the complete secret of this creation.

Our Vegetable Clinic is a ground-breaking new concept in the history of holistic healing as far as we are aware. There may be various other such introductions to the world of vegetables, but none pertaining to the use of these particular vegetables and their amazing curative properties for all kinds of ailments. The wonderful therapeutic properties of these vegetables have been discovered after painstaking research by our Vegetable Consultant BK. Arun Prakash, and his claims to the effectivity of this simple and inexpensive mode of treatment for many of the main ailments that humanity suffers from, are from his experiences with the innumerable patients and their relief from their symptoms. No claim has been made by him which is not authenticated by his and his patients’ experiences with healing. Mainly twelve vegetables which cover a broad spectrum of healing are used and based on each patient’s individual deficit and requirement, the vegetable clinic offers a tailor-made cure for the patient.

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Ash Gourd is basic in nature, which helps in combating the formation of ulcers on the membranes of stomach and intestine. It also helps combat acidity due to spicy foods or fasting for a long time. Ash gourd helps clear away all the harmful bacteria in the stomach and intestine by acting as an anti-microbial agent. This helps keep gastrointestinal infections and thereby indigestion at bay. For more information kindly check out our Remedies Gallery and contact us.

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Ash gourd cures various conditions : Headache when hungry, Loss of memory, Long sight, Ears understand slowly, Bad smell in nose, Bad breath, Breathlessness when hungry, Hunger cause nervousness, Burning sensation during toilet, Yellow urine, Burning sensation on skin.

Muscle pain can be cured by taking pumpkin and cluster bean juices

Vomitation can be cured by taking lemon juice with its peel

Foot and palm sweat can be cured by eating dried matured coconut and ladies finger